"I have to say I was a little hesitant at first, but after a few visits, I was feeling relief in both my shoulder and elbow.

Now I am convinced…no shoulder or elbow pain. Thanks Andrew."

M. Mazzonna

"WOW!!! I went for acupuncture with Andrew Greenberg for the first time a week ago & I was very impressed with how Andrew explained the procedure & how acupuncture can help with the pain I have in my back.

I have had other pain management appointments with other Dr's & honestly I think acupuncture really works. Like Andrew told me he can't heal me but he can & has given me relief with my back pain.

-R. Murray

"I believe in supporting local practitioners. This facility has great customer service from the staff behind the front desk and I always feel welcome as soon as I come in the front door.

Andy is a wonderful Acupuncturist. He is very personable and attentive to your needs and does whatever he can to have you feeling better after each and every session. I look forward to my treatments every month. It’s something I find necessary to keep me at my best in my job, at the gym and to stay active in my life overall. I recommend Andy to all of my clients and close friends. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed."

M. Matthews

"Was referred to Andy for acupuncture by a close friend. Upon arriving to the Toms River location, the office was very clean and very well organized as a wellness center.

When I met Andy, he was very friendly and polite. His level of professionalism and knowledge outshined any other acupuncturist I’ve been too. One of the things that separated him from the pack was this machine he uses to read energy points or chi in your body and see where you have blockages. I liked this cause it physically verifies pain points.

Now knowing this, Andy can treat those underlying areas with accuracy and then retest to verify improvement. Every time I have went back, I have noticed and seen significant improvements. I would Highly recommend doing yourself a favor and taking a consult with Andy. He even is offering a introductory price. Can’t beat it."

B. Hanna

“I have been struggling with lower back pain and insomnia for months.

I am Mom, to a 3-year-old and expecting my second child. Concerned about taking medications, my Gynecologist recommended I try acupuncture. After one week of treatments by Andrew, this was life changing! It was so relaxing and gentle that I fell asleep during the procedure.”

Carolina – 31 years old

“For years I have struggled with stiff joints, swelling in my hands and fingers and lack of mobility.

It affected my energy levels and my overall mood. I was sick of the Band - Aid remedies and finally decided to try acupuncture. Since seeing Andrew in January, my joints are no longer stiff or swollen, this year’s allergy season had no ill effects on me and finally -FINALLY, I have my life back! I actually look forward to my appointments. The results have helped me be more optimistic about life and my future!”

Lorena – 48 years old

“If you have ever experienced rotator cuff pain, you know PAIN.

I was in construction all my life and that occupation is a sure guarantee of joint and muscle aches and pains. I wasn’t sure what to expect with acupuncture but I was willing to try anything to avoid medications that were temporary fixes. Andrew explained the AcuGraph devise and the flow of channels that can block the pathway to healing. The treatment was so relaxing and the results were significant to my improvement.”

John – 65 years old

“Back spasms, pain, and immobility after back surgery was knee buckling.

Wiping tears from my face, I explained to Andrew that I was desperate for relief. I couldn’t even get up on his table. Andrew was kind, gentle, and thorough in explaining how the AcuGraph would guide us through treating the “whole me” and clear the way to begin healing. His reassurance helped me relax and find peace. Within a ½ hour of my treatment there was relief from shooting pain and back spasms. It was unbelievable! What he did for me that day and the treatments that followed are life altering. I was on so much medication from prednisone shots to pain killers, I couldn’t even function. This has been a process and a commitment to getting my life back. I continue to see Andrew once a week and believe me when I say, “it is worth it” to feel this great and live free from debilitating pain.”

Kay – 66 years old

“I was struggling with Arthritic pain in my hands, Spinal Stenosis in my legs, and for 40 years I had been on medications for Glaucoma.

I was a mess. The Orthopedic would inject my hands with Cortisone shots that made the pain worse. My friend told me that acupuncture was life altering for him and to call Andrew. At my first appointment he helped educated me on the AcuGraph. He started with a sensor that he moved along each hand and explained how the AcuGraph was revealing areas that were blocking pathways to healing. We began with some Rapid Release work and then Acupuncture. After a series of appointments, I was able to eliminate Glaucoma medications and my cholesterol had decreased significantly, allowing me to eliminate those pills. The best news of all was when I regained mobility in my hands and legs. It’s been 40 years going to Dr’s who just prescribed medications rather than getting to the root cause of my health issues. Andrew has given me freedom to enjoy retirement without hesitation or restrictions!”

Auggie – 80 years old

“I worked as a corrections officer for most of my life.

I liked staying fit and healthy and enjoyed competitive sports such as, Tuff Mudder and Spartaraces. This could be rough and tough on your body but also good for keeping you fit. I had experienced hip pain for years and struggled for some time before finally giving in to a hip replacement. However, probably due to compensating for the pain in my left hip, my right one continued with ongoing pain. I really didn’t want another surgery and sought out Andrew for some alternatives. I can’t really explain it but there is something about the energy in the room between Andrew and his patients. The AcuGraph machine that guides him to the areas that need help and the energy work he does to help guide you through this is a true gift. I feel great! It really is an amazing transformation from that kind of discomfort to mobility and increased energy.”

Doug  66 years old

“I am an Army Veteran who served my country for 16 ½ years and 13 field operations.

I really needed some pain relief and help with my mind set after so much of what I saw during my deployments. The VA pointed me to Andrew who was very good at listening to what my needs were. Chronic pain which triggered migraines could be debilitating. Andrew wasn’t pushy, he helped educate me on where the pain was coming from but also how a negative mindset can prevent the body from healing itself. He provided books, continued to educate me as he worked on different Qi blockages within my body. I have so much more energy and relief from nagging pain.”

Miguel  51 years old